Technologies for the manufacturing industry

Electrical systems, automation, support for industrial machines


Technology and automated solutions for every manufacturing sector

The modern world is more and more permeated with technology in every field. Industry 4.0 is already a reality and an aim to pursue in the near future in all the manufacturing sectors.

For this reason our company can be considered as a reference business partner in the field of technology and automation by economic operators and factories belonging to any production industry.

Electron has always been at the service of the manufacturing industry dealing with electrical systems, therefore it is able to provide qualified and comprehensive services.

Electrical systems, automation, support for industrial machines


  • Medium-voltage Systems: design, supply, installation and maintenance service for transformers and transformer rooms for factories and industrial plants.
  • Low-voltage Systems: design, installation and maintenance service for electrical systems and supply of electrical panels and distribution boards for industrial productions.
  • Energy Saving: installation of photovoltaic systems to take advantage of economic benefits deriving from the production and self-consumption of solar power as well as of tax benefits in terms of deductions.
  • Industrial automation: installation and maintenance service for industrial automation systems, support for automated machines and lines, control and management systems for industrial manufacturing machinery.
  • Technological Systems and Data Network: technological systems made of copper or optical fibre to connect and manage ICT equipments and devices.
  • Revamping of industrial machineries and manufacturing lines: technology upgrade and renovation of systems and machinery to enhance existing features and add new functions.

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