Filling and bottling machines


Our automated filling machines


Electron’s technicians are specialised in the design, construction and installation of automated filling machines having modularity and ease of use as their key strengths. Thanks to modularity they can be easily inserted into complete production lines, even pre-existing, for wine, edible oils and other liquids.
Made with quality materials, they are solid and reliable and allow filling bottles and jars of different shape and size by simply working on adjustments without the need to make any significant modifications or to install additional accessories.

Each machine is equipped with high-precision dosage systems and can have up to 4 taps that can be easily removed. Electron’s filling and capping machines, with variable-speed conveyor belt, can be equipped with capping head for pilfer proof caps, screw caps and corks, ensuring thus high efficiency and reliability.

Ordinary maintenance operations are easy and the use of these machines turns out to be extremely intuitive thanks to cutting-edge electronics and to automated management that is entirely controlled by PLC with touch screen graphic interface remotable with mobile devices.

Linear monobloc machines for filling and capping can be easily used even by one single operator, therefore they enhance the optimisation of manufacturing costs and times offering significant advantages for small and medium productions.

Automated filling machines for bottles and containers

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